• No more waiting

    Instead of spending dead time waiting in lines, your customers are free to explore, consume, try and buy while remaining in virtual queues ... read more

  • Super simple to use

    There's no software to install and no servers to maintain. All you need is a web browser ... read more

  • Proven Returns

    SMS queue management is proven to reduce customer no-shows as well as increase revenue, customer satisfaction and loyalty ... read more

  • Fits any business size

    Our flexible pricing model means that any organisation that experiences large queues of waiting customers can benefit ... read more

What do we do?

Supalocal provides a mobile queuing service called the Supalocal SMS queue management system. This uses text messaging to enable organisations to effectively manage virtual queues with web connected computers or mobile phones. This has a number of benefits for both the organisations and their customers ... read more

How do we do it?

We allow you to add customers to a virtual queue. Customers can also add themselves to the queue. Your customers are then free to do other things while they wait. You can send a text message to the customer with periodic updates or when you are ready to serve them ... read more

How to make your customer messaging crystal clear

There’s nothing worse than a confused customer. At every opportunity, it’s important to communicate clearly with people who buy your products or use your services. Keep things simple so that your customer can easily follow your instructions, whether those instructions … read more read more